Issue 115 - David Bowie

Issue 115 - David Bowie

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Clash wants to use our latest issue as a means to break down the barriers of self-isolation, to supply a sense of community at a time when many of us feel alone.

David Bowie turned isolation into an art form. Transforming himself into an alien outsider, his 1972 album 'The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars' flipped pop on its head, its metallic crunch exploding how rock could communicate.

The album transformed being alone into a kind of transcendent isolation – friend and photographer Mick Rock was just one soul ignited by his jet stream, and in our cover interview he looks back on that incredible period.

Mick Rock tells Clash: “Of course he pushed it all forwards – not just music, but culturally in a huge way. And his legacy is amazing. It doesn’t stop.”

“It was a magical time for me, and David was the most magical of them all.”

Also featured in this issue is H.E.R, Ryan Beatty, Alicia KeysKim PetrasMae MullerInhalerGorillazGraham CoxonCavetownShaggy, and many more. Other covers to follow this week.

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Clash 115 with David Bowie
Interview: Robin Murray
Photography: Mick Rock
Design: Rob Meyers