Issue 115 - Alicia Keys

Issue 115 - Alicia Keys

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These are tough times. To get through it, we need to work together, but that kind of communal achievement can only work if individual perseverance is pushed to the limit.

Alicia Keys has been to the limit and beyond. A peerless songwriter, this multi award-winning icon channels incredible musicality with a desire to do things her own way, sending barriers tumbling in the process.

She's been on a journey, one of motherhood, womanhood and ultimately, selfhood; her upcoming album and book reflecting a new, defiantly honest approach. The third cover star of Clash 115, Alicia Keys represents everything we aspire to in this lockdown – a towering force of unbridled creativity.

As she tells Clash: “Honestly it doesn’t matter how much success you’ve had or how much money you have, whatever you have is kind of fleeting – it’s about what spirit you have...”

Also featured in this issue is Kim PetrasMae MullerInhalerGorillazGraham CoxonCavetownShaggy, and many more. Other covers to follow this week.

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Clash 115 with Alicia Keys
Interview: Emma Finamore
Photography: Ryan James Caruthers
Fashion: Jake Sammis
Set Design: Jon Anthony
Make Up: Tasha Reiko Brown at The Wall Group
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers