Clash 121 Kehlani

Clash 121 Kehlani

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Kehlani is the second face of Clash 121.

Following turbulent phases in their personal and professional life, Kehlani is ready to unleash their most personal rhapsody yet. This time they’re operating on a higher plane; one that centres joy, healing and fulfilment above all.

A quiet but whole-hearted intensity emanates from Kehlani when they speak. They’re in recovery mode from a bout of sickness but it doesn’t prevent the Oakland native from treating our chat as a kind of remedial talk-therapy session, criss-crossing between creativity, self-care, and her deepest emotions.

“I had to learn to trust and fall, receive it all, surrender…”

Also featured in this issue is UK iconoclast Bree Runway, Koffee, Syd, Little Simz multi-faceted creative force Alewya; the inscrutable Deyaz; R&B force Raveena; Manchester polymath Iceboy Violet; NYC alt-pop collective MICHELLE; and UK rap hit machine Young T & Bugsey.

Words: Shahzaib Hussain

Photography Brianna Alysse

Fashion: Oliver Vaughn


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