Issue 115 - Ryan Beatty

Issue 115 - Ryan Beatty

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Issue 115 is titled Stay Home for a reason – we urge you to stay home, to stay out of harm’s way, but we don’t want you to do this alone. We’ve prepared something special, something that reflects the urgency of these times while using the intimacy only a printed magazine can offer.

This new issue represents strength through solidarity, and there’s no one stronger than our second cover star Ryan Beatty. A teen pop star who took the brave decision to be utterly, wholly true to himself, he’s used this moment to illuminate his free-thinking creativity.

A genre-less talent who is absorbing inspiration wherever it can be found, Ryan Beatty is overhauling pop’s parameters, seizing hold of personal independence in the process.

“When you can take all the different things that influence you, and blend them together into your music, that’s when you’re being true to yourself,” he tells us. “The more self-aware and honest you are in your writing, no matter how unique they are to you, people can still relate to it”.

Also featured in this issue is Kim PetrasMae MullerInhalerGorillazGraham CoxonCavetownShaggy, and many more. Other covers to follow this week.

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Shipping from April 27th 2020

Clash 115 with Ryan Beatty
Interview: Mike Wood
Photography: Danny Kasirye
Fashion: Harry Clements
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers