Clash Issue 97 Rita Ora

Clash Issue 97 Rita Ora

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We all like to think we’re in control. There are moments when life unfolds in line with how you planned it, an alignment of the planets, a reward for application and persistence. There are times when the rug is pulled swiftly from underneath us, causing an imbalance that demands finding sure footing lest you fall. Control is earned. It’s as much a frame of mind as it is a physical accomplishment.

How does one determine whether you’re in control? Well, are you happy? Have you accomplished personal goals? It’s not about your professional status, or who you can boss around; control is the ability to govern your own fate. It may not come easy, but it’s worth the effort.

In this issue we have attempted to gather a selection of artists who have in one way or another shaped their own destiny, whether through discipline, innovation, or sheer force.

Our cover star exemplifies the scope of ambition required to succeed in the 21stcentury; Rita Ora has a clear vision of her future, and is resolutely pursuing her objectives while simultaneously expanding her horizons and enjoying the ride. She gets a hard time from some quarters, but despite the haters has accumulated a huge, ardent fan base, number one singles, and a little black book to die for. Our intimate interview with Rita reveals a devoted artist, and the vulnerabilities she’s learned to expose.

We also meet Benjamin Booker, Kiesza, ScHoolboy Q, Goldie and Cam’ron, artists brimming with purpose and initiative, hear the outspoken Sinead O’Connor’s views on control in the music industry, and uncover the British acting talents with their sights set on Hollywood. We celebrate 10 years of Hyperdub Records, look back on a classic Bob Dylan album, and hear the Rock And Rules of The MC5’s Wayne Kramer. Oh, and we party hard with Andrew W.K.