Clash Issue 96 American Dream

Clash Issue 96 American Dream

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Throughout this issue, various threads of discussion weave to form the multicoloured fabric that makes up the American Dream, as we explore the legacy of the country’s guiding principle in the 21st Century.

America prides itself on progress, and indeed thrives on prosperity and success, yet its founding proclamation, the Declaration of Independence, although ensured life and liberty as absolutes, cryptically it was only the pursuit of happiness that was promised - not happiness itself.

So, is the Dream a hollow fallacy, or is that allegiance to advancement an inherent trait of every citizen? Or, is the Dream a personalised set of values, which manifests differently from person to person? With the help of some eminent friends, in these pages we set out to investigate these and other questions and the beliefs behind them.

Heading up the scrutiny is cover star Lana Del Rey, whose return with third album ‘Ultraviolence’ ushers in a new chapter in her own American Dream; one where triumph overcomes adversity, where West Coast idealism meets East Coast pragmatism, and where Marilyn Monroe is a kindred spirit. On the coast of California, we meet our generation’s most enigmatic pop star to discuss the depths of her inspirations, dealing with criticism, and the unquenchable hype surrounding her Americana-inspired new album.

We venture through further interpretations from SZA, Ariana Grande, Porter Robinson, Mastodon, Mapei, Iamsu! and Sage The Gemini, YC The Cynic, Mastodon, Bruce Springsteen, and other new musical heroes, translate the Dream throughout Clash Fashion, and delve into the polar versions of Hollywood’s ideals with Richard Linklater and Divine.