Clash Issue 110 Chris

Clash Issue 110 Chris

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Get set! In a time of easy answers shouted at ever eclipsing volume, it is in those who use their voice to ask the difficult questions that we find our most prudent heroes. As society only begins to come round to the notion of a glorious spectrum of genders and sexual identities, from out of the shadows emerge a once-silenced minority who find strength in the growing acceptance of self-discovery.

The second of this issue’s intrepid cover stars is pansexual pop provocateur, Chris - the existent representation of Héloïse Letissier, Christine And The Queens’ empowering pacesetter that deals only in pure expression.

Chris presents art as an act of resistance; creating nuanced, complex, carnal and emotive pop that broadens the landscape of selfness, beginning with the evolution of Chris: “I have to tell the story of Chris,” she explains to Clash, “because Chris was the reflection of who I became. Of course, changing your name is a way to rebel against being trapped in the brand, but for me it’s also about accuracy. I want to tell the exact story of how I feel. And since I was young I used many alter egos, but it was every time a way to tell a story precisely. I have to find a name for that emotion, or that moment in my life. It’s the opposite of constructing a character.”

Also featured in this issue is 6LACK, Neneh Cherry, Saba, Calpurnia, Swizz Beatz, Rico Nasty, Saweetie, Roger Daltrey, and much more. Other covers to follow.

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