Clash 128 - Matt Champion

Clash 128 - Matt Champion

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 Matt Champion is the fourth face of CLASH 128. 

For much of his twenties, the doe-eyed singer-rapper from The Woodlands, Texas, was a primary player in the raucous rap collective BROCKHAMPTON - a rotating Motley crew of producers, performers, and auteurs. The group disbanded in 2022 but lived on the imagination of a zoned-in fanbase, committed to preserving the lore of an “Internet boyband” that inspired its own viral subculture. 

At a creative juncture, the seeds of a solo project began to germinate, overlapping for a few months with BROCKHAMPTON’s final release, masterminded by the LA visionary himself. Opening himself up to both familiar and new collaborators, Champion synthesised his love of shapeshifting sonics, sci-fi-inspired viscera and the rippling undulations of the natural world, into a work that brought to life his personal metamorphosis. 

Today, less than a year before he turns 30, Champion is in a creatively fertile space. The edict he’s living by is less about chasing an ideal or an archetype, than it is about surrendering to his own zany impulses. 

He tells CLASH: “Now, I don’t want to be perfect as much as I want to push myself to get the right outcome…”

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Words: Shahzaib Hussain 

Photography: Daria Kobayashi Ritch

Wardrobe Styling & Makeup: Tavia Bonetti

Creative Director: Rob Meyers

Prop Stylist: James Rene

All clothing sourced by 194local.

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