Clash 128 - Kim Gordon

Clash 128 - Kim Gordon

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Kim Gordon is the fifth face of CLASH 128.

Kim Gordon is an icon of alternative culture. As a member of Sonic Youth, she helped propel one of underground rock music’s defining catalogues, translating the noise and confusion of New York into three decades of gateway opening records.

Right now, though, she’s solo – and producing some of the most vital art in her life. New album ‘The Collective’ blends SoundCloud rap beats with stunning songwriting, picking apart the mundanity and surrealness of our internet-saturated lives.

But it’s more than this. Re-immersed in the Los Angeles landscapes that framed her youth, Kim Gordon’s multitudinous art practises are coalescing, with her prose, visual arts, and music all bleeding into one another. At 70, she’s become her fullest self.

As she tells CLASH: “I suppose it’s confrontational. It’s also kind of a dance record…”

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Words: Robin Murray 

Photography: Noua Unu Studio

Fashion: Self-styled

Fashion Consultant: Turner Turner

Creative Direction: Rob Meyers

Hair: Roz Music 

Make Up: Hinako Nishiguchi 

Special thanks to Aralda Vintage and Paumé Vintage.