Clash 127 Kevin Abstract - Limited Edition Cover Variant

Clash 127 Kevin Abstract - Limited Edition Cover Variant

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CLASH closes our run of ultra-limited variant covers by honouring Kevin Abstract.

When BROCKHAMPTON came to a close, Kevin Abstract lost much more than a group. With those connections severed, he was left alone for the first time in a decade, forced to grapple with self-doubts that BROCKHAMPTON served to disguise.

Digging into his bedrock, Kevin Abstract returned to the music that fired his imagination as a lonely teen in rural Texas, before building anew. Reaching out to those around him, he reforged his passion for creativity by constructing a cross-genre community of inspirational figures.

As CLASH exits our teens and journeys into our 20s, Kevin Abstract is the person artist to solidify our ongoing fascination with the physical artefact. Honoured with a second variant cover, this is an intimate glimpse into the inner life of a culture-shaping figure.

As he puts it: “I want to be as inventive and free and entertaining and as great as I possibly can be…”

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Words: Robin Murray
Photography: Pilot Lee
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers