Clash 127 Cat Burns - Limited Edition Variant Cover

Clash 127 Cat Burns - Limited Edition Variant Cover

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CLASH turns 20 this year, a milestone that means the world to every single person on the team. From its origins in a small Scottish city we’ve managed to build something that has lasted, riding the transient waves of culture and media.

Our new Future Archive issue feels extra special. Kicking off our emerald year, we’ve unveiled four cover stars: four artists with their own take on the world. There’s the spectacular pop force of Cat Burns, and the genre-omnivorous creativity of Kevin Abstract; the soulful abstraction of serpentwithfeet, and the sheer hip-hop power of Offset.

In a new move, we’ve decided to honour these artists with a second set of covers – a special bonus edition pressing, a collector’s item for fans that we feel celebrates an exceptional moment in the history of the title.

We launch this fresh set of covers with Cat Burns. An artist who has overcome numerous boundaries in her life, she speaks her truth with absolute eloquence. Creating bold, ground-breaking pop, she’s moved from the left-field to the mainstream in the blink of an eye.

Sitting down to discuss her viral rise, CLASH finds an artist who is unafraid to face down darkness, while perpetually looking towards the light.