Clash 123 Don Toliver

Clash 123 Don Toliver

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Don Toliver is the first face of Clash 123.

Perhaps the hottest young rapper in America right now, Don Toliver has spent the year gaining critical plaudits and dominating the Billboard charts. Yet his rise has been far from easy – the ‘Life Of A Don’ may look alluring from the outside, but the status his profile occupies has been earned the hard way.

In this rare and exclusive cover interview Don Toliver reflects on his roots, and how these still define his work-hard ethos. From his Texas upbringing to first aligning with Travis Scott’s imprint Cactus Jacks, this is the full story of his emphatic rise – and what could come next.

As Don Toliver puts it: “I just have a certain type of truth and honesty…”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll meet soulful trailblazer ABRA, UK force to be reckoned with Ama Lou, and hyper pop sensation Role Model takes time out of his hysteria-inducing tour schedule. Clash pierces the hype surrounding alt-pop explosion Dylan, while we absorb life lessons from London community Touching Bass, and explore LA’s low rider sub-culture.

Words: Grant Rindner
Photography: Josh Aronson
Fashion: Zoe Costello
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers


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