Clash 120 Clairo

Clash 120 Clairo

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Clairo is the second face of Clash 120.

The beatific intimacy of Clairo’s music isn’t something to be breached lightly. A songwriter whose warm, empathetic approach has built up a unique relationship with fans, her music speaks of incommunicable truths.

In this cover feature, Clairo opens up to Mercury winner Arlo Parks about creativity, allowing the pandemic to fuel her love of open spaces, and why mutually supportive relationships within music are so important for young artists.

Discussing their appreciation for words of advice from Taylor Swift and Lorde, Clairo goes deep into the making of her excellent new album ‘Sling’.

As she puts it: “It's like you’re not as alone as you originally thought you were.”

Also featured in this issue are groundbreaking UK rapper M1llionz; the breathless pop honesty of Gracie Abrams; formidable South London force Enny; the divine Deto Black; solo songwriter Hayden Thorpe; life lessons from Fleetwood Mac legend Lindsey Buckingham; and a profoundly personal essay on self-care from Ray BLK.

Words: Robin Murray

Interview: Arlo Parks

Photography: Clement Pascal

Fashion: Peri Rosenzweig

Creative Direction: Rob Meyers 

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