Clash 116 Earl Sweatshirt

Clash 116 Earl Sweatshirt

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Earl Sweatshirt is a lightning rod, an artist deeply in tune with the energies around him. In the constant flux of 2020, with the storm clouds circling ominously, this has pushed him harder than ever.

From Odd Future iconoclast to art-rap auteur, he’s been through different phases in his life, absorbing these experiences and overhauling his creativity in the process. Los Angeles lockdown has brought introspection, self-questioning, but ultimately hope – hope for himself and for the communities around him.

Working continuously on new music, his Tan Cressida imprint aims to become a music industry disruptor, a platform for artistry that would otherwise be pushed to the sidelines. As he tells Clash: “People are dynamic. Culture is dynamic. Let’s have these eureka moments and change for the better...”

Also featured in this issue is Jessie Ware, Pa Salieu, Jarvis Cocker, Zsela, MadeInTYO, Rasharn Powell, saxophone colossus Nubya Garcia, alte crew DRB, Tkay Maidza, Olivia Dean, Jaz Karis, Joey Maxwell, and Metallica legend Lars Ulrich, amongst many others.

Other covers to follow this week.

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Clash 116 with Earl Sweatshirt

Words: Robin Murray

Photography: Steven Traylor

Creative Direction: Rob Meyers