Clash 114 Tame Impala

Clash 114 Tame Impala

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For some, a divergence of perspective is a single, life altering moment: a big bang, after which nothing is ever the same. For others, there is a need to constantly amend their worldviews, to adapt to the impulsive revolutions of their imagination. 

In an issue dedicated to those who endeavor to introduce renewed methods of thought, the fourth of its six cover stars embodies the kind of relentless creativity that preserves music’s magical unpredictability.

Kevin Parker is the lynchpin of Australia’s psychedelic voyagers Tame Impala, and he has pushed the group to astonishing heights, fueling their success with a refusal to be pinned down, and ensuring that their next steps always surprise and delight in equal measure. Their imminent fourth album, ‘The Slow Rush’, is set to do both; its diverse influences coalescing into one truly stunning whole. 

“I would never have thought that this group of songs would ever fit together,” Kevin tells Clash. “I’ve forced myself to try and not think about that. In my brain I like things to be consistent, and cleanly fitting together on an album, but I know I have to challenge myself because if I give in to what I think is clean and tidy then it’s going to be boring. And especially these days, I feel like now more than ever, an album by one artist could have 20 different genres on it.”

Also featured in this issue is HAIM, Denzel Curry, Halsey, JPEGMAFIA, AJ Mitchell, Lolo Zouaï, Patti Smith, Nick Mason, Akon, Pop Smoke, Maisie Peters, The Beatles, and many more. Other covers to follow this week.

Kevin Parker wears full look by Dior.

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