Clash 114 Haim

Clash 114 Haim

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Sometimes, when a new direction is embarked upon, it is because it has revealed itself, rather than being sought after and chosen. Our minds are so wonderfully receptive and responsive that often, despite how firmly entrenched we may be in our beliefs or attitudes, we can recognise the value of fresh perspectives when we see it.

In Clash 114, we bring together six artists that have endured to break the panorama: settling not for their accepted fate, but seeking returns down a different road. 

The third of these six is HAIM, the LA (em)power trio that has escaped the pressure of perfection in following their second album to pursue an altogether more liberated creative process, which has in turn refreshed and reinvigorated the sisters, infusing their latest work with an undeniable sense of pleasure.

“It’s so much easier now to [put songs out as and when] - there’s not as much red tape,” they tell Clash. “We didn’t even tell our management or label; we were just like, ‘We’re going to do this thing and put it out.’ It’s been a really, really fun process to just be like, it is what it is.”

Also featured in this issue is Denzel Curry, Halsey, JPEGMAFIA, AJ Mitchell, Lolo Zouaï, Patti Smith, Nick Mason, Akon, Pop Smoke, Maisie Peters, The Beatles, and many more. Other covers to follow this week. 

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