Clash 128 - Oli Sykes

Clash 128 - Oli Sykes

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Oli Sykes is the second face of CLASH 128.

Bring Me The Horizon have risen from the metal underground to become the defining crossover story of our time. The Sheffield band have performed at the BRITs, sold out arenas, and hosted their own festival, all while breaking open genre definitions and building their own alt community.

New album ‘Post Human: NeX GEn’ is colossal, the work of a group obeying no rules but their own. It’s taken time to get to this place, however, and for Oli Sykes the journey has been a personal one: the lightning rod for the band’s often opinion-splitting releases, he’s battled his demons and come out the other side.

In this in-depth, frank, and emotional cover interview Oli Sykes pauses to look back, analysing the band’s evolutionary climb while also being open about his own path. One of the most honest interviewees we’ve ever spoken to, you won’t want to miss it.

As he puts it: “We just made a promise to ourselves that, for every new record, we’ve got to push ourselves. It’s the only rule we’ve ever set ourselves: we have to keep evolving…”

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Words: Emily Swingle

Photography: Richie Lee Davis

Fashion: Nico Amarca

Hair: Cameron Rains

Creative Direction: Rob Meyers

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