Clash 124 Chris

Clash 124 Chris

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 Chris is the third face of Clash 124.

The French auteur has been through some changes. Loss, grief, and personal transformation, his 2022 project Redcar - both the studio album and live shows - acted as a foreword, the entrance point into a new realm, a new state of being.

This period of tragedy and evolution inspires Christine and the Queens on his boldest work yet. Incoming album ‘PARANOÏA, ANGELS, TRUE LOVE’ is a radical shift in sound, one that stretched him to the limits. Preparing for its release, he turns towards the light. 

He tells Clash: “Culture now wants to overcompensate with joy. Sometimes we also need melancholia.”

Elsewhere in this issue, Clash is illuminated by the rapture of avant-R&B aesthete Kelela, and sits down with Grammy-nominated Gabriels. You’ll also explore the soulful realm of Fousheé, and meet the pan-genre sonic voyager KAM-BU

We’ll pin-point daine’s avant pop futurism, and gain some life lessons from seminal UK rapper Avelino. You’ll be granted an audience with Grammy-winning saxophonist and songwriter Venna, before diving into the realm of Black Lips, the seminal 90s queer theatrical collective which centred around ANOHNI.

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Words: Skye Butchard
Photography: Joe Cruz
Fashion: Harry Clements
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers