Clash 123 Lil Baby

Clash 123 Lil Baby

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Lil Baby is the second face of Clash 123.

The return of the Atlanta all-rounder caused a ruckus on both sides of the Atlantic, with his new album smashing the charts to pieces. His success is richly deserved, however - a pivotal figure in American rap's modern evolution, his stature is marked by an incredible commitment to personal truth.

Someone who has gone from the streets of Atlanta, Georgia to the White House, Lil Baby breaks down his journey in this emotional cover interview. Amid the hype and headlines, Clash locates an artist fixated on his craft, someone whose laser-guided focus has pushed him to the very top.

As Lil Baby puts it: “The only thing I care about is people enjoying my music…”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll meet rap hero Don Toliver, soulful trailblazer ABRA, UK force to be reckoned with Ama Lou, and hyper pop sensation Role Model takes time out of his hysteria-inducing tour schedule. Clash pierces the hype surrounding alt-pop explosion Dylan, while we absorb life lessons from London community Touching Bass, and explore LA’s low rider sub-culture.

Words: Ana Lamond
Photography: Kenneth Cappello


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