Clash 123 Kaytranada

Clash 123 Kaytranada

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Kaytranada is the fourth face of Clash 123.

Kaytranada is an instinctual collaborator, one of the most flexible talents in music. But through a process of self-examination, he’s finally found the means to overcome self-doubt, and put himself first. Bursting with energy, he’s ready to face a future only he can define.

With a pair of Grammy awards to his name and countless hit records, Kaytranada has carved out his own success. Speaking to Clash for this cover interview, the producer his next challenge - and the rewards could be even greater.

As he puts it: “I always want to take risks with what I do, and step it up a notch. I want to challenge things.”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll meet inquisitive creator Oliver Sim, Atlanta trailblazer Lil Baby, and rap hero Don Toliver. You'll encounter soulful force ABRA, UK voice to be reckoned with Ama Lou, and hyper pop sensation Role Model takes time out of his hysteria-inducing tour schedule. Clash pierces the hype surrounding alt-pop explosion Dylan, while we absorb life lessons from London community Touching Bass, and explore LA’s low rider sub-culture.

Words: Robin Murray
Photography: Keith Oshiro
Fashion: Von Ford
Creative Direction: Rob Meyers


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