Clash 119 Olivia Rodrigo

Clash 119 Olivia Rodrigo

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Trailblazing teen-pop icon Olivia Rodrigo is the first cover star of Clash 119.

In a year haloed in darkness, Olivia Rodrigo represents a shard of bright, beaming light. Debut album ‘Sour’ has become an extraordinary global phenomenon, a sign that the newgen are ready to create a forward path by speaking their truth no matter the cost.

In this revealing cover interview, Olivia Rodrigo reflects on her rise, the struggle to adjust to sudden, overwhelming fame, and where she plans to go next. As honest as her music, this revelatory interview shows another side to this contemporary icon, someone whose intimate relationship with her fans has created a 21st century sensation.

As she puts it: “I really love women who are not afraid to speak their mind and tell their perspective…”

Also featured in this magazine are BRIT nominee Joy Crookes, number one gate-crasher Tion Wayne, neo-soul voyager Patrick Paige II, genre-less creative Berwyn, Brighton rap phenomenon ArrDee, American avant-garde iconoclast Moor Mother, and honey-voiced icon Nancy Sinatra, and many more of your favourites.

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