Issue 114 Denzel Curry

Issue 114 Denzel Curry

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To see something through someone else’s point of view is to appreciate the many perceptions that shape our collective conscious. Though we are all different, we share the basic elements of human behavior that allows for recognition, understanding, and appreciation, and music is perhaps the best conduit through which to express and share our individual outlooks.

Clash 114 celebrates six artists that are committed to testing frames of mind. Floridian rap heavyweight Denzel Curry, the second of those six, presents the sights, sounds and experiences of Miami through his own unique lens, offering a no-filter insight into the city that he calls home.

“I wanted to show how I saw life there on the daily,” he tells Clash. “You’re still going to get the same kinda stories; I just wanted to tell them in a very artistic way, showing Miami in a whole different light.”

Also featured in this issue is Halsey, JPEGMAFIA, AJ Mitchell, Lolo Zouaï, Patti Smith, Nick Mason, Akon, Pop Smoke, Maisie Peters, The Beatles, and many more.

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