Clash 112 Dev Hynes

Clash 112 Dev Hynes

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The latest issue of Clash is brought to you in this, our 15th anniversary year, fronted by six (yes, that’s right: six) rebel-rousing individualists who epitomise the renegade spirit that has galvanised the team behind the magazine for all that time. With little more than a streak of independent zeal and a deep, abiding love for the ever-evolving landscape of culture, we’ve reached this milestone by trusting our instincts and with little regards to tradition, and so now we toast the revolutionists.

Avant-pop outlier Dev Hynes, the restlessly inquisitive auteur of identity, is the second of this special issue’s cover stars. To be himself, he tells Clash, means being subversive even when he doesn’t intend to be.

“In New York it’s been a bit strange,” he says, “because I’ve noticed the reactions towards who I am as a black man and how it changes from initially seeing my appearance and then hearing my accent. There’s a curiosity people have but a lot of it’s informed by this level of exoticism.”

Also featured in this issue are Beth Ditto, These New Puritans, Lil Miquela, Conan Gray, Grace Carter, Valee, Sheryl Crow, and much more.