Clash 112 070 Shake

Clash 112 070 Shake

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Authenticity is the key to longevity. As Clash turns 15, we can look back at our journey as being guided by a palpable sense of purpose: an objective to present truth and taste to an audience that deserved it. Our survival is testament to their awareness of life beyond the assumed lives being broadcast over social media, and so our latest issue is dedicated to those artists whose commitment to reality is unfalteringly turning the world upside down.

Emotive rap reformist 070 Shake - GOOD Music signee and Clash 112’s fourth cover star - has from an early age been driven by her own sense of purpose, realising her accomplishments thus far by retaining the virtues of that intent.

Buried in a generation content to grab their Warholian 15 minutes of fame from a viral video, 070 Shake is driven by the desire to make her listeners feel. She’s impressively present in every aspect of her life, and careful to avoid distraction. She doesn’t even own a mobile phone.

“Phones just scare me,” she explains. “I feel like you have to disconnect a little bit. You got to know that you’re still who you were when you came to this Earth. I want to be as pure as that. Sometimes you get too involved to the point where you’re not even yourself anymore. You’re with Kiki in the Bahamas, looking at her Instagram pictures, or you’re with someone else in the studio. You’re just looking at everybody else’s life and forgetting you gotta live too!”

Also featured in this issue are Mahalia, Dev Hynes, Beth Ditto, These New Puritans, Lil Miquela, Conan Gray, Grace Carter, Valee, Sheryl Crow, and much more.