CLASH x EDWIN Limited Edition T-Shirt
CLASH x EDWIN Limited Edition T-Shirt

CLASH x EDWIN Limited Edition T-Shirt

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CLASH and EDWIN have teamed up creating a very special friends & family t-shirt released in very limited numbers available now from both the physical stores and online via The Clash Shop.

Available Sizes: Small / Medium / Large / XL / XXL

EDWIN is not just a Japanese denim brand but also a culture influencer, dissolving borders with the creation of their specially-curated international mix series. Since 2014, The EDWIN Music Channel has been an incubator for thrilling, genre-defying mixes conducted by world-renowned DJs, collectors, musicians, producers, tastemakers sitting at the intersection between clubland glory and abstract electronica. 

If you missed out on our launch party earlier this month at the EDWIN store on Shoreditch High Street fear not, as we have a very special takeover of the EDWIN Music Channel for this months curated mix from Ell Murphy covering the full UKG spectrum HERE.

Ell Murphy

South East London singing selector Ell Murphy has been making waves with a plethora of multi-genre releases. Make it a priority this year to catch one of her live shows where she effortlessly mixes whilst belting out incredible vocals. Check back here for Ell Murphy’s Clash x EDWIN Music Channel Mix dropping later this month.

Her distinct style, humble demeanour and live shows have positioned her as a mainstay on the scene. Her music has taken her all around the world, whether it’s performing on the revered Hör Berlin, beach sets in Albania, or smashing festival season with Team Woibey (Mixtress, Ohmydais, Fae).

Ell’s output last year was nothing short of incredible, navigating through live shows to build on an-ever burgeoning discography. Never shy of a collaboration she joined forces with some of the best producers around last year, for the unremittingly joyous ‘I Feel You’ with Guilia Tess which sent listeners to celestial heights. Meanwhile O.F.B.C, released with Chavinski on Locked On Records is a sonic snippet of the club scene, acting as a love letter that chronicles that sense of belonging and community that can be discovered. Ell Murphy has an EP on the way, she’ll also be developing her live set away from the decks in 2023.