Clash Issue 127 Offset

Clash Issue 127 Offset

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Offset is the second face of Clash 127.

In the space of a decade Atlanta rapper Offset has helped shift the rules of the game. Achieving undreamt of success, he’s managed to balance a thirst for the art with colossal fame – but it hasn’t been easy.

Last year’s ‘Set It Off’ album saw Offset reclaim his narrative, opening out a fresh arc for his solo career. Pushing back against the headlines, he boldly reaffirmed his creative independence, while seeking out new modes of expression.

CLASH sits down with this often enigmatic figure to discuss the state of hip-hop in 2024, and how a chance encounter with Tyler, the Creator helped push Offet out of his comfort zone.

As he puts it: “I still go through it. I'm still a human...”

Elsewhere in this issue you’ll encounter the softly groundbreaking power of Cat Burns, obtain access to electronic enigmas Mount Kimbie, and explore the world of rising songwriter Elmiene. CLASH profiles English Teacher’s inspirational front-woman Lily Fontaine, before meeting Alice Phoebe Lou. We encounter American force Sleater-Kinney, and dissect Yoko Ono’s new career-spanning London exhibition. Kickstarting our 20th anniversary year in style, we welcome Franz Ferdinand’s Alex Kapranos – our first ever cover star – to dissect nostalgia and the weight of the past in an exclusive essay.

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