Clash Issue 126 Vic Mensa

Clash Issue 126 Vic Mensa

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Vic Mensa is the fourth face of Clash 126. 

Across the last decade and beyond, Vic Mensa has embarked on a spiritual journey. A path full of twists and turns, the rapper, singer and actor now comes full circle on his pivotal sophomore album, ‘Victor’.

 An artist who is continually manoeuvring into fresh spaces, he’s grown to blend his creative concerns with personal insight. Evolution, at this point in Vic Mensa’s career, is a critical point of reflection. 

From his landmark releases in the SoundCloud era to his ongoing rap iterations, Vic Mensa is someone you can never second guess. Clash sits down with this lyrical icon for an intimate conversation that hinges on personal resurrection, the requirement for balance, and his maturation not only as an artist, but also as a man

He tells us: “In the pursuit of peace I have been put back together, I have become more whole...”

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Words: Ana Lamond

Photography: Danielle DeGrass-Alston 

Hair: Lawrence Funk / Funk's Barbershop