Clash Issue 108 Troye Sivan

Clash Issue 108 Troye Sivan

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Freedom. It’s a concept that we like to believe we’re all entitled to, but often the restraints of society prevent us from really allowing ourselves to be what we want to be. Individual and creative freedom is the lifeblood of the summer edition of Clash, and in this issue we praise the inspiring artists that assert their own unique essence through inventive and distinctive means of expression.

The first of this issue’s four cover stars is the liberated pop luminary, Troye Sivan.

Having abandoned the rulebook in pursuit of an authentic representation of himself, Troye Sivan has explored and embraced the stigmas that once confined him to truly appreciate a future with restrictions. Ahead of the release of his second album, ‘Bloom’, we caught up with Troye in LA to dig deeper into his identity-shaping odyssey.

“Coming out for me didn’t end when I came out to my family and friends; it’s a journey that I’m still on,” he tells us. “And it’s so much more than my sexuality. It’s an experience that everyone goes through where you’re fully realising the person that you are.”

Also featuring in this inspirational issue is the Spice Girls, Kris Wu, Buddy, Gaika, Bad Gyal, Yungen, Ravyn Lenae, Peter Buck, and much more.

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